Continuing Your Faith Journey

As we approach summer time, please remember–

don’t go on vacation from God.

Consider one of the following studies until we meet again in October.

Living in the Father’s Love
Those who experience Living in the Father’s Love should discover their true worth and purpose while growing in ability to see their lives from God’s perspective, giving them the strength and courage to forgive.
Beholding His Glory
Those who finish Beholding His Glory should experience greater victory in their personal lives as they recognize the greatness and power of God.
Beholding Your King
Those who go through Beholding Your King should receive an increase of trust in God as they see His plan and attention to detail unfold throughout biblical history.
Grounded in Hope
Those who emerge from the pages of Grounded in Hope should experience a growth in grit and grace to help run her race.
Fearless and Free
Those who complete Fearless and Free should emerge from the experience with a life-changing depth of freedom and healing.

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