“Reclaiming Friendship”- For School Moms

Do you desire lasting and abiding friendships? Do you want to move beyond the past hurts of relationships gone wrong? Reclaiming Friendship was written for any woman who wants a true and deep connection that lasts. Explore what it takes to stay close for the long haul, what to look for in a friend, and how to navigate toxic relationships. There is a way to protect your heart without closing yourself off from future intimacy. The key is found in discovering God’s plan for friendship, which was meant to be a foretaste of Heaven.

In a world plagued by loneliness, you are invited to encounter God personally through Scripture. Let God reshape how you see and experience intentional relationships, deal with your past friendship wounds, and become a woman who is capable of the lifelong bond of true friendship.

Reclaiming Friendship, our six-lesson Bible study, is ideal if you…

-Are lonely and desire lasting friendships

-Need to know and understand what it means that God created each of us in His image

-Crave an authentic community, the kind in which we experience His joy and goodness


Additional Days and Times will be added as needed so please tell us what works for you!

Cost is $25, which includes your book!

For more information email Lori at lawsavino@gmail.com

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