SCS- Living in the Father’s Love

In a world where women are measured by their beauty, achievements, and possessions, wouldn’t it be nice to find a place where you could just be valued for who you are? Living in the Father’s Love will lead you to that safe place where you are unconditionally loved, baggage and all.

This brief but powerful six-lesson Bible study is the ideal way to revive and refresh yourself. Discover just how much God loves us and how the Gospels are deeply relevant to our relationship with God and with those we love. 

Living in the Father’s Love is ideal if you are…:

  • Looking for a beginner-level Bible study
  • Doubting whether God really loves you
  • Wondering how to improve your relationship with God and others
  • Searching for purpose
  • Only have time for a short study that has the power to transform your life

LOCATION: St. Catharine School

DATES: Thursdays, 11/3- 12/15

TIME: Come in for coffee at drop-off, Session 8:10-9:20

CONTACT: Lori Savino. 973-610-8156.

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